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Linda Fiorentino is the best actress in the world. Yes she is. Uh-huh.

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If "The grass is always greener..." why does it eventually turn brown?

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Now what happens with Iraq...?

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I just got an offer to edit a video for money. That is exciting.

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" I'm always seeing blind people around with their canes and strange looking faces and am always just thinking of them as interesting to spend a couple seconds looking at and never thinking they had anything to do with me or my eyes, and how it's really just a lucky coincidence that I can see instead of being one of those blind people I see on the subway."

I read this as the fight started. Our bus driver stood up to defend himself as the belligerent, angry man rushed him, fists flying. The bus driver desperately tried to get him "steppin'". I jumped out of my seat and rushed to help the driver. The man finally let go and backed off the bus spewing spit and profanities. The doors closed. His eyes were red with anger as he pounded on the glass door as we sped away. "Good for you for getting involved." She said. I walked back to my seat, opened my book and read.

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My favorite kind of sweet is anything frosted.

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Thank you France. For the first time you are the one's with the forthright to say this war is wrong. Thank you for that, and the croissant.

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I would much rather be 32 than 30.

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"Nobody told me there'd be days like these."

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I saw a man walk caddycorner across Masonic at Fulton with a red light. Cars screeched, cars skidded out, the man made the bus stop. He then got on it. I love this town.

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Busiest day in years. I know, El Lamo NoNo.

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I slovenly drag ass onto the bus and glare over people's heads to find the remaining window seat. I ramble towards it. Seven bags accompany two punk ass kids, one bag is planted in my soon to be seat. "Excuse me." I mumble. The PAK begrudingly and forcefully grabs one of his bags and moves to a seat across the way. He then grumbles, "All these seats left and he has to sit in that one." YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT! That is the best seat left and I'm taking it. It was all I could do to not blow up. So I stared. At him. Hairy eyeball. For at least 30 seconds. Pissed. Ready. What? What are you gonna say? He stared intently at his shoes. His head hot from the cold glare I pierce through his skull. I look away. He looks at me suddenly and I shoot right back. He finds his shoes more interesting. He knew. I showed him. Uh huh. You want some of this? Dear god I hope not.

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I think in order to get married in this country, both participants must first get divorced. And if they survive and still love eachother after the divorce then they can legally be married. We would have a non-existent post marriage divorce rate and wealth would be distriubted more equally across the board.

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The little things are what matter
A glance and your smile
your hand on my shoulder
to hold me to sleep.
It's the little things
you bring to me
its the little things
that mean everything.

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Henry Rollins,
Your show last night was entertaining. You are an excellent storyteller. You are a very funny man. I enjoyed your candor when you spoke of your personal encounters with the likes of Dee Dee Ramone, Joe Strummer, Johnny Cash, Frank Black and others. This was interesting. This made your show worthwhile to me. I appreciate you sharing snippets of your life with me from your perspective. From parties to movie auditions to tour stories to daily encounters; you are an entertainer. What you are not though, is a spokesman for me or anyone else. You are a spokesman for your own maniacally egotistical existence. I can respect that. You have not gotten to where you are by being passive or not standing up, but please, do not try to recruit me. Do not cry "Kill Whitey" when that is exactly what you and I both are. In fact the whole auditorium was as white as Wonderbread yet you laud us as "not us, none of us are the whitey I am talking about." Please. Don't talk of musicians who sign contracts with RCA as being fucked or selling out when you sold your soul to MTV and movie studios and you work within the system you admonish. If you are so passionate about doing away with the death penalty and are so thorough as to quote statistics on the matter, please give us an alternative. Don't just say "America can't be number one if we kill" and leave it at that. You owe it to your paying audience to make the decision whether we agree or disagree. In order for us to respond intelligently you MUST give us your alternative. You gave us nothing. Why make the statement if you offer no way to fix the problem?
Your stories are wonderful. Your delivery is wonderful. Your politics are not. Please, in the words of David Cross, "Don't shit in my mouth and call it a sundae." You are an entertainer. You are historically significant. I had never seen you live before and I enjoyed the show. But I did not before and I do not after believe you are the man you think you are.
Keep stirring it up Henry. The world needs more people like you in it.

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I used to know this old man back in Atlanta that told me of two different spellings of Chicago and New York. Robert would say, "Chicken in a car and the car won't go, that's how you spell Chicago." and, "Knife and a fork and a bottle and a cork, that's how you spell New York." I never really understood, but it always made me laugh.

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White girl with dreads wearing jeans and a dress says, "Like, anyone can fall in love with me for four days, I mean, get over it." Which is exactly what I was thinking.

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To reiterate, people suck. Today I sat next to "chronic coughing guy" while "inconsiderate backpack bruising my face girl" obliviously attacked me with her Jansport. I broke into a cold sweat and almost vomited. Oh, and the bus was late. Friggin' Mondays.

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It would suck to be a replicant.
You either don't know and you get destroyed
or you do know.
You try to better yourself
You try to live longer
You try to become real
and you get destroyed.
Sounds like humans.

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People are stupid because they only think of themselves. This is why myself and all of my friends are not stupid. We think about eachother, and more specifically, the other, first. We put our friends' happiness first. That is why we aren't stupid. Are you stupid?

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