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--"Hey...I live in San Francisco."

.."Me too."

--"I lived up in here for a long time."

.."Me too."

--"3/4 of people in San Francisco are heterosexual, you know, they fuck women. The other 1/4 are homosexual. You know they fuck men."


--"Fucking Gavin Newsom letting all those queers get married at City Hall. Fucking Newsom."

.."OK. Now you're starting to offend me, man. You're making me angry."

--"Well I've slept with a man before...Jesus died for our sins, have you accepted him as your lord and savior? I have. He's talked to me through 4 angels 4 times."

.."I don't know, I don't believe everything I read, but if that's what you believe I respect that. You can believe whatever, even if I disagree. Hell, I respect you for believing in something."

--"I love you."

.."I love you too man but you gotta respect people who are different from you instead of loosely throwing around blanket statements of hate just because you're different or you're uncomfortable with who you are. Don't take that shit out on others, get yourself happy dude."

........knuckles to knuckles.......

--"Can you spare some change or a cigarette?"

.."Which would you rather have?"


.."Since you picked change, here's all I got. And here's my last smoke."

........knuckles to knuckles.......

--"God bless you my brother."

.."You take care of yourself ok."

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My Thoughts on Freedom

Freedom is a right. Freedom is not a priviledge. To be Born Free in society today is not enough. It has become acceptable to pile the Freedoms of the weak and feeble onto the greedy trash-heap of the power insatiable patriarchy that has raped humanity of it's inherent collective freewill. An altered state of contradiction has become it's effect. The birth-right of Freedom has been pried willingly out of our innocent newborns' hands under the black collar of popes and evangelists and world leaders. Worse, we praise it as right. We fight for it as right. We have been been beaten by the Freedom felons who wield our Freedom in their hands like a 2 x 4 and beat us sensefull with it until we become senseless. Yet we believe we have seen the light. We see black as white, night as day, art as destruction, peace as war, birth as death.

It is time to smash the hypocrisy. We must stand for what we know is right. We must return Freedom to each and every person on earth. We must be satisfied with our own gift and nuture that Freedom into something that, on it's own and as a society, can default to peace among humanity. We must afford our brothers and sisters the Freedom to make their own decisions, right or wrong, and the Freedom to learn from these decisions. We must demand Freedom of choice. We must demand Freedom to decide. We must demand Freedom of thought. Then and only then will we live in peace. The strong must give their legs to the one who cannot walk. We must provide a voice for those who cannot speak, we must sew the wounds of the raped with stronger, more steadfast thread that will never be sliced again. We have a responsibilty to teach the deaf to hear, to make the old young, to make the young steadfast, to make the neglected elected, to make the enslaved enraged. Then and only then will Freedom reign...again.

Rise up and shout enough is enough.
"Live Free or Die"
We are the one's who must make change.

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I hate it when people walk really slow in front of me.

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Hey ya'll. I'm back. And exhausted. And fulfilled. And proud. And Angry. And... yeah.

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I am off to DC to film/ participate in the "March for Choice." Have a great weekend and support a woman's right to choose. We are the one's responsible for keeping women's choice a right.

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Why are we such assholes?

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Everyone: Be careful because on the local Fox News this morning they said the Homeland Security Act may "...bring the internet to a grinding halt."

So be careful!

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They're leaving? Well, we just won't let them leave.
By slandery that's how. You know defamation of character.
I don't care if it's illegal. Besides the rules don't apply to International law.
But son, I changed the rules.
You gonna eat those fries?

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This is not a place for slanderous name calling or balspehimizing. Please keep your trash-mouth, muckymuckness to the x-rated voyerismatic trash sites. YOU are the Losers and Diz-orks.
At least one of you is non-biting.

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I found it!

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Have you ever bought a plane ticket months early then looked up said ticket and not been able to find one shred of evidence that, yes, the ticket was purchased. Then when the airline you believe you are booked on has no confirmation that you are booked on that flight nor any other flight on their schedule? It has never happened to me either.

That's a lie. I am an idiot.

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Everyone look out for a film releasing in the next couple of days called "Dopamine." It did well at Sundance and one of our clients made the film. It's really good.

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Why does the person living above me consistently insist on taking a shower 5 minutes after I have started mine, scorching my delicate, milky white, virginal skin to an uncomfortable pinkish itchfest?

I blame gay marriage.

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--I don't know man. It just rammed right into the side of the building. I've been trying to figure out how the hell he managed to get THAT bus to destroy THIS desk and I didn't even spill a drop of coffee. Not a drop!--
--I saw that. Dude. What the fuck. A bus lands in my lap and the first thing I see is a guy walking around in a red fish suit. Fuckin' Twin Peaks, man. What's next, Rod Serling?--
--Shut your hole! That IS Vanessa Redgrave. Not hawking Weight Watchers anymore I see. This has got to be the best day of my life. Well, second best.
--Word. Something is definately strange afoot at the Circle K.

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Athelete's are always told by their coaches, "Don't think about it, just react. Clear your mind and react."

Artists are infamous for saying, "I wasn't even thinking about it. I had no concept. I just reacted to what I felt."

Intelligence is theoretically based on understanding and retaining, which develops into a personal thought process. This matures into knowledge. So why are we as human beings so obsessed with that which, to succeed and be considered "great", we should not think at all. But rather blindly react to our emotions, disregarding any thought process whatsoever? If that "greatness" is what we all desperately seek; that brilliance, then why do we think at all?

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If there is no passion
there is only fruit

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If I had anything worth a shit to say I would say it. But for now, I got nothing. Except for a new shirt and a lemon smelling candle and enough quarters to do laundry.

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