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My Thoughts on Freedom

Freedom is a right. Freedom is not a priviledge. To be Born Free in society today is not enough. It has become acceptable to pile the Freedoms of the weak and feeble onto the greedy trash-heap of the power insatiable patriarchy that has raped humanity of it's inherent collective freewill. An altered state of contradiction has become it's effect. The birth-right of Freedom has been pried willingly out of our innocent newborns' hands under the black collar of popes and evangelists and world leaders. Worse, we praise it as right. We fight for it as right. We have been been beaten by the Freedom felons who wield our Freedom in their hands like a 2 x 4 and beat us sensefull with it until we become senseless. Yet we believe we have seen the light. We see black as white, night as day, art as destruction, peace as war, birth as death.

It is time to smash the hypocrisy. We must stand for what we know is right. We must return Freedom to each and every person on earth. We must be satisfied with our own gift and nuture that Freedom into something that, on it's own and as a society, can default to peace among humanity. We must afford our brothers and sisters the Freedom to make their own decisions, right or wrong, and the Freedom to learn from these decisions. We must demand Freedom of choice. We must demand Freedom to decide. We must demand Freedom of thought. Then and only then will we live in peace. The strong must give their legs to the one who cannot walk. We must provide a voice for those who cannot speak, we must sew the wounds of the raped with stronger, more steadfast thread that will never be sliced again. We have a responsibilty to teach the deaf to hear, to make the old young, to make the young steadfast, to make the neglected elected, to make the enslaved enraged. Then and only then will Freedom reign...again.

Rise up and shout enough is enough.
"Live Free or Die"
We are the one's who must make change.

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