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She was a nurse for god's sake. And this was her second. She'd be in and out, no 14 hours of labor for her, and she for damn sure wasn't spending the night. No way. She was too good at her job to waste time. She had a rep to protect. She was the best, and she intended to keep it that way.

The cab screeched to a stop in the red zone.
"She's having a baby! She's having a baby!" the cabbie bellowed as if it were his child.
"Keep the change." Pop chimes as he envelops mom in his arms and bursts through the sliding doors where doctors point him to the delivery room.

"Is this your first one?" The warbled voice of a red-eyed not yet father groaned.
"This is my second." Pop said.
"I've been here all night and she's still in labor. Damn that phone." His eyes darted to the numberless, white telephone that hung on the wall alerting the father's lounge someone was a daddy. It had rung eight times since the man got there, but it was never for him.

Pop sat down as the man nervously paced the lounge.
"Brrrrriing." A new life is calling. The man lunged toward the phone.
"Yes?" As he listened the optimism washed from his face like the tide.
"John Saunders?" Pop jumped up. The man's jaw hit the floor. Pop walked out of that room proud. A father. Reeking of efficiency. To the second. No time to waste. My wife is a professional. Have a cigar. It's a boy. It was me.

I haven't been on time since.

I love you mom and pop.

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