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I, Senators and Congresspersons, would like to offer each and every one of you my humbled hand for a job well done. Your non-decision on "The Nucular Option" makes me proud to be a member of this Great Society. Thank you Senators and Congresspersons, for showing no fear on the world stage. Your reality TV show exposure and honesty has, with very little effort or thought on your own part I might add, answered the question of why America and Americans are seen and I suppose are, the way we are. Look at our leaders, the people are the product of her leaders. Your ability to shun partisan politics and embrace the right and left into a kind of not really amoeba-like mass of cohabitational, communal incoherence, discussing, nay, debating! And having the wheretofore of coming to the brilliant 11th hour decision of laws we've found essential for hundreds of years! Well deserved exaltations and salutations madames and sirs! I praise you for your forthrightness! You exemplify America today! Your self acknowledgement has been the objective and accomplishment that is not unlike baseballs' third base. The same base our leader has stood upon nepotistically since his birth. Your collective necks strain to look up and get a glimpse of this man who has never in his life, ever, hit a triple. His golden shoes stand on you, but all you see is the only pair of shoes that will ever fit your own feet. The people are products of her leaders. Your machine is maturing. Bravo. Bravo! Elected officials!

But you, Senators and Congresspersons, your legacy will live forever. For your landmark filibuster...uh, objective...recognition...of what your ancestors thought up on their coffee break while discussing smaller issues of the day, such as, oh I don't know, taxation without representation. Or maybe the creation of a sovereign nation-state by the people for the people? But your filibuster decision is historical indeed and something you should be proud of!

Our ancestors created the filibuster check, so what have you done? What have you done... I mean other than widen the gap between the persecuted and the persecutor? Really, I want to know what you have done. Is that an "exceptional circumstance?" I think so. Shut up Mr. West Virginia

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