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'Q: What are the most important challenges facing boys in American society today?'

'A: The lack of fathers and the lack of heroes. 40 % of boys in the United States are not living with their biological fathers. When a boy doesn't have a father at home, he may have to depend on the media or his peers to offer him an image of masculinity.'

Michael Thompson, Ph.D.

--excerpt from the documentary "Raising Cain: Boys in Focus" as seen on 'Frontline' courtesy of PBS and KQED--

This statistic is staggering to me. 4 out of 10 boys in the US are fatherless. Fatherless. And all this time I was ashamed of how us Americans disrespect and disown our elders. Jesus. We are super-sized gluttony. Obsessive in approval and praise of what, not whom, we see in the mirror. Excess. All access. With Falstaffian disregard we 'pee-shaw' the brandished, blatant disclaimer that "objects may appear closer than they seem."

'Like father like son.'

Once a phrase spoken with welled pride by gloating fathers, is now a contextual mugshot of Our fatherless America that has bastardized such eloquence and pride with ill regard and irresponse that our boys now start off with both feet in the grave.

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